Vesarivon Isle

Commonly called the "Forbidden Isle," Vesarivon Isle lies south of the realm of Iskandar, separated by the narrow Iskari Strait.

This enormous island is surrounded by the Wyn Myr on the west and the Iron Sea on the east.

Entrance onto the island is forbidden by the powerful Grey-Elves who dwell here, deep within the vast Vesarivon Forest. Within that secluded forest is the Grey-Elf enclave of Antharë.

The island and the Vesarivon Forest within are zealously guarded by rangers and soldiers from the Freehold of Eryn Kahai. The only accessible seaport on the island is Qualar, located on the eastern coast.


In the year 884/3, Corwyn was struck by the Great Rift; an earthquake so powerful, it greatly enlarged the Sea of Ralas, created the Iron Sea, and created three massive continent-sized islands; one of these was the Isle of Vesarivon. the other two islands were Westvale and Renthara.

Before that time, the "Vesarivon Isle" had been physically attached to the continent of Corwyn.