Vesarivon Forest

The Vesarivon Forest is a gigantic woodland located on Vesarivon Isle, which is is home to the mysterious Grey-Elves of Corwyn.

This forest is unlike any other in the world of Oris, filled with strange and wonderful creatures.

It is strongly magically enchanted, which allows for its elvish inhabitants to remain secluded.

Because of its seclusion; the extremely secretive Grey-Elves chose this forest as their home.

Located deep within this enchanted woodland is Starfall; the hidden citadel of the Grey-Elves.

In addition to its elvish population, this forest is also inhabited by many Fey, as well as unicorns, pegasi, pixies, and other woodland creatures.

These creatures thrive here, for they have no fear of being hunted or even interfered with in any way.