Vhal Quaaros

Capitol: Vhal Quaaros (population: 87,000)
Population: 112,000 (75% Eloysian, 21% Hakeen, 4% other)
Current Leader: Khalil Novilay (N 8th level bard/7th level rogue)
Coat of Arms: twin black jaguars pouncing on a gray spear on a dark red field.
Exports: Shipbuilding, Whaling, spices, slaves, Textiles, fragrances, timber

One of the legendary seven Cities of Brass, located north of Ona Miertay and south of Dhal Viera along the Bronze Coast, on the eastern shores of the continent of Avokhar. The city was once part of the great Eloysian Empire, but is now an independent city-state. The city competes with its neighbors on the Bronze Coast for market share in trade. The city-state has a small navy of 12 warships and standing army of 1,500 soldiers, and can call up as many as 7,000 in time of war. The city is much more welcoming to outsiders than its coastal neighbors and has the highest number of Hakeen settlers living within its walls of any the seven cities of Brass, it is also the smallest in population of any of the seven cities. Vhal Quaaros also has large whaling and shipbuilding industries, and its spice markets are quite profitable as well.