Vhan Da'Har

Capitol: Akkad (population: 45,000)
Population: 360,000 ; 85% Eloysian, 12% Verassi, 3% other)
Government: Monarchy
Current Leader: Padishah Farook Morom'Bai
Coat of Arms: a silver crescent moon and three stars on a purple-blue field
Exports: Textiles, copper, grain

Vhan Da'Har is a small Eloysian nation located on the midlands of Avokhar; encompassing both sides of the Slumbering Mountains.

Vhan Da'Har also controls the fertile grasslands on the northern coast of the Gulf of Ankhara. Today, this small kingdom is a shadow of its former self. Its largest city is Akkad, but that city is poor and teeming with petty, bickering nobles, desperate for political power. Vhan Da'harians are mostly simple traders and farmers, but are seen as arrogant by their neighbors for they remember fondly the ancient times when Vhan Da'Har was a great power and held dominion over most of southern Avokhar. Those glory days are long past.



Long ago, the realm of Vhan Da'Har was a great power. Its proud rulers defied Queen Lorica of Eloysia, and later defied the young Emperor Al'Dur Kharata of the Eloysian Empire. Al'Dur gave the Vhan Da'Harians no mercy, invading their territory and smashing the armies of their ruler: Emir Zhantal. Al'Dur soon captured their capitol city of Akkad and sacked it, forcing Zhantal into permanent exile. This conflict was known as the War of the Long March, and took place between the years AR 37 and AR 40.