Vhan Myr

The Vhan Myr; which means "Eastern Sea" in the elven tongue, is one of the four oceans on Oris. Sailors and sea-farers call it either the "Whispering Sea," or the "Sunset Sea."

Elves may have sailed the Wyn Myr and discovered its secrets, but the Vhan Myr is an ocean conquered solely by the race of men. Those men sailed fleets of ships crewed by the Daroon, the Eloysians, and the Hakeen.

The Vhan Myr is slightly smaller than the Wyn Myr, but is still a gigantic ocean, far larger than any continent. The Vhan Myr has twice as many island chains as her western counterpart, and much warmer temperatures year long. The eastern sea has a tropical climate, and the islands found on this ocean are filled with palm trees, fruit groves, and swampy atolls.

The waters of the Vhan Myr are normally a bright azure blue, except when one of her frequent storms arises, then the eastern sea can be truly terrifying to behold. The Vhan Myr stretches from the eastern coasts of Avokhar and Corwyn to the western coasts of three other continents of Oris; Za'har, Eryn Norvë, and Iskandar.

Unlike the Wyn Myr, which was commonly explored by elvish sailors from Eryn Norvë; the Vhan Myr was an ocean mastered the races of men. The Eloysians of the lost Eloysian Empire located on the continent of Avokhar, frequently explored this great ocean and founded many settlements on her islands and found the largely unexplored continent of Za'har far to the southeast of Avokhar. It is often said today that the Vhan Myr is still the lake of the men with copper skin.

There are many hundreds of small island settlements located in the Vhan Myr, but also six great island civilizations; Al’Kethai, Ilsenene, Malvatis, Rhaygos, Styr, and Yamada.


The most well-known seaports on the Vhan Myr are Al’Than E’Thai, Azoria, Chondar, Dhal Viera, Imshar, Jharë, Jhovar, Khalifar, Ko-Dan, Mori, Nakata, Ona Miertay, Sionjhäe, Thiele Graavos, Var Salaam, Vachukuo, Vhal Quaaros, Xhaarata, Zakresh, and Zhin.