Duke Vharan Almeda

Vharan Almeda is an extremely powerful and influential Ralani aristocrat who currently rules the Serathian seaport of Rastios.

Vharan lives with his family in a magnificent, opulent palace in the center of the city, which is surrounded by high walls and lush, manicured gardens. It is said, the Duke has 1,000 men-at-arms under his personal command.

House Almeda

It is said that in terms of wealth and power, the Almedas are second only to Serathyr's royal family. For centuries, this ancient house has long served as loyal vassals to the Serathian monarchy, acting as advisors, confidants, and guardians to the Dragon Throne.

As a reward for his loyalty, Duke Varandis Almeda; the original family patriarch, was granted stewardship over the seaport of Rastios nearly 1,000 years ago. As a result, his descendants have become fabulously wealthy.