King Vholnir Velenkhür "The Tireless"

(184-436/3) Vholnir Velenkhür; known as "The Tireless," was the ninth and last ruler of the Dwarf-realm of Azkar; who was slain during the Battle of the Fiery Gorge.

Vholnir hailed from the Velenkhür Clan. Vholnir 's father Vorlag Velenkhür was a fallen hero of the Battle of Orgorod in 252/3. Vholnir was beside his father at the same battle and avenged his father's death many times, slaying many foes on the field that day.

After the battle, the Saar gave Vholnir one of the five Elatir stones in gratitude for his father's sacrifice. Vholnir took his father's body and his Elatir back to Crôm Feyr. He then ruled peacefully on the Anvil Throne for 157 years, until the War of Sorrows began in 409/3.

Early in the war, Vholnir marched out of Azkar to drive off the invading hordes, but he himself was slain by Gordak the Merciless in 436/3, during the Battle of the Fiery Gorge. He had no offspring, so the royal line ended with his death.

Vholnir was succeeded on the Anvil Throne by his cousin; King Celathor the Avenger.