King Vholnir Velenkhür "The Tireless"

(521-655/3) Vholnir Velenkhür; known as "The Tireless," was the last ruler of the Dwarf-realm of Azkar. He was slain during the Battle of the Fiery Gorge.

Vholnir hailed from the Velenkhür Clan. Vholnir 's ancestor; Vorlag, had died at the Battle of Orgorod in 252/3.

After the battle, the Saar granted the Velenkhür Clan one of the five Elatir stones in gratitude for his father's sacrifice.

Vholnir fought in the War of Sorrows, and was slain at the epic Battle of the Fiery Gorge.

Vholnir was succeeded on the Anvil Throne by his cousin; King Celathor the Avenger.