Arch-Duke Viktor Teraknian

Viktor Teraknian was a Ralani noble who founded the City-State of Sasserine in the year 553 of the Sixth Age.

Viktor was originally a nobleman from Ralas. When a terrible Civil War broke out, he made a fateful decision to flee his homeland.

Viktor gathered together a small group of ships and several hundred pilgrims and headed on the long journey south, toward the Continent of Azoria.

Teraknian was married to a beautiful woman named Sasserine. Shortly after colonists landed, the pilgrims were attacked by a fierce Black Dragon named Zelkarune.

Sadly, Viktor's wife was killed in the attack. The city of Sasserine was later named in her honor.

Lord Teraknian's descendants took on the title of "Arch-Duke" and formed the Teraknian Dynasty.

After he became ruler of the Sasserine colony, disagreements arose between Viktor and Surabar the Spellmason. Soon after, Surabar left the colony to form the city of Caldera.

During his reign, Viktor ordered construction of Castle Teraknian, and later, the infamous "Arch of Teraknian;" a high, stone bridge over the harbor entrance to the city.