The Vilzari

Commonly known as "Dunlanders" or "Southrons," the Vilzari are one of the largest human ethnic groups on Corwyn.

Most Vilzari are found in the Sea of Sand or the nation of Vilzar, but can also be found in the Nimbor Islands and northern Azoria.

The Vilzari people are descended from an ancient race of humans known as the Shorafi.


Vilzari males and females are tall and muscular, with long braided black hair, brown or black eyes, and either dark brown or black skin.

Relations With Other Races

The Thannish people, the historic enemies of the Vilzari, have long derogatorily referred to the Vilzari as "Dunlanders." In response, the Vilzari have long referred to their sworn northern enemies as the "Muk'tar," meaning 'mud-people.' This long history of bloodshed has led to Vilzari being both feared and hated by almost all other races on Corwyn.



The Vilzari people love to tattoo their bodies heavily and often wear much gold jewelry, as a status symbol. Both Vilzari men and women love to adorn their bodies richly with bright colors and much ornamentation. Vilzari society is harsh, with complete male dominance over females, and strange marriage customs where men have many wives and children are raised communally.

In addition, slavery is quite prevalent in Vilzari society and widely accepted. It is common for poor families to sell one of their children into servitude to help the others survive. What binds all Vilzari men and women together are their fierce religious beliefs. Priests are revered by all Vilzari and run every aspect of their society.

Every Vilzari village has a temple to their greatest deities; Velok and Marzok. Many Vilzari Gods require many human sacrifices, so the Vilzari have historically been aggressive to their neighbors for an ample supply of slaves, sacrificial victims, and material resources.


The Vilzari people speak their own language, which is also called "Vilzari." This harsh guttural tongue is commonly used throughout the Sea of Sand, the Agatite Mountains, and the realm of Vilzar, and has many distinct dialects.


The Vilzari tongue is understood by many in the realm of Eldara and the seaports of Rennsfar, as those cultures have the most contact with the desert dwellers. Among the Vilzari folk, there are over 100 distinct dialects.


Common male Vilzari names include: Abyan, Afzal, Alzakar, Bagyar, D’Ruun, Fayez, Fuad, Haji, Ikram, Jabbar, Jomo, Khalil, Kasim, K’Foth, K’Thar, Malik, N'Kechi, N'Kiru, Ola'Yemi, Rafik, Raja, Ramses, Salah, T’Kar, Tatien, Usef, V'Nor, Z’Kar, Zayid, and Z’Von.

Common female Vilzari names include: Aaliyah, Aseka, Ashanti, Fatima, Folami, Imani, Iyesha, Khari, Kiri, Malika, Nadrah, Nasrah, Nubia, Nyala, Quatera, Shahira, Thalia, Yadira, and Zaaida

Role-Playing Guidelines

Heart of the Sun: Humans born in tropical climates treat hot climates as one category less severe. They also gain a +2 racial bonus on Fortitude saving throws against the effects of a hot climate, as well as against the poison and distraction ability of swarms and vermin.


Scholar of the Sands (Feat)
You have studied the history of ancient Shorafa, and may have even ventured inside one of its great pyramids or other ruins.

Benefit: You gain a +3 trait bonus on Knowledge (engineering) and Knowledge (history) checks, and one of them is always a class skill for you. In addition, you may choose Ancient Shorafi as one of your bonus languages.