The Vilzari

The Vilzari; also called "Dunlanders" or "Southrons," are a human ethnic group originating from Corwyn’s greatest desert: the Sea of Sand.

Long ago, these strong and often violent people founded the great kingdom of Vilzar. Their alignment is predominantly chaotic, and their civilizations and populations are located throughout the vast desert regions, and the arid grasslands below it.

The folk of this race are derogatorily referred to as ‘Dunlanders.’ The Vilzari have been invaders and enemies of the Thannish people and the other western human races for several thousand years, and they are both feared and hated by almost all other races.

These folk are strong and violent, with long braided black hair, brown or black eyes, and jet black skin. Ancient Vilzari peoples were known as the Shorafi.


The Vilzari people love to tattoo their bodies heavily and wear as much gold and jewelry as possible, as a status symbol. The Vilzari people speak their own language as well as common, and there are many distinct dialects. Common Vilzari names include: Alzakar, Bagyar, D’Sai, K’Foth, K’Nar, T’Kar, Z’Kar, and Z’Von.

Vilzari: the language of the Vilzari people. This harsh guttural tongue is commonly used throughout the Sea of Sand, the Erehui Valley, and the realm of Vilzar, but is considered barbaric and crude by men of the West. It is a simply language using grunts and sounds as much as actual words.

The Vilzari tongue is understood by many in the realm of Eldara and the seaports of Rennsfar, as those cultures have the most contact with the desert dwellers. Among the Vilzari folk, there are many distinct dialects.


Role-Playing Guidelines: +1 constitution, -1 Dexterity, +2 bonus against heat and hot weather effects, suffer -2 penalty in cold\winter climates on all ability\skill checks\attacks. Alignment: any evil, any chaotic.