Vorskan Marauders

The Vorskan Marauders are fierce barbarian raiders who have plagued Za'har for centuries.

The Marauders hail from Vorskan; a large geographic region located adjacent to the Desert of Dust. These barbarian raiders are greatly-feared throughout the continent.

Some sages believe the Vorskan people are descended from the Deskari; an ancient, extinct civilization that worshiped demons. Others believe the Vorskan are themselves demons. All agree that their fighting abilities are legendary.

Bands of these Marauders travel across much of the Continent of Za'har, raiding and pillaging. The marauders are famous for riding great lizards called Rakma. These fierce beasts have been tamed by the Vorskan and allow them quick movement over great distances, as well as aid them in battle with their opponents.