Vraiken Clan

The Vraiken Clan has ruled the Dwarf-realm of Orrek since King Marothor the Magnificent assumed the Anvil Throne in 935/4 after the death of King Arvegorn; the Barren King.

The Vraiken clan has ruled Orrek for 2,239 years and a total of eighteen Dwarf-Kings have sat upon the Anvil Throne in Crôm Feyr. The Vraiken clan has the greatest historical longevity of any ruling clan of dwarves ever known on Corwyn. The present dwarvish Vraiken monarch is King Andrathor the Grim.

The eighteen Dwarf-Kings of Orrek from the Vraiken clan are listed below:

Marothor 935-1079/4
Morag 1079-1257/4 †
Mord 1257-1297/4 †
Argethor 1297/4, 1-136/5
Alathor 136-292/5
Arghon 292-404/5
Durthon 404-528/5
Durlag 528-623/5 †
Bronn 623-630/5, 1-148/6
Beorn 148-285/6
Gorn 285-437/6
Argethor II 437-593/6
Dorn 593-674/6 †
Mharg 674-807/6
Thorm 807-946/6
Thurgrim 946-1105/6
Melgathor 1105-1197/6 †
Andrathor 1197/6-present