War of Crows

Brutal conflict lasting from 670-674/6 between the Fourth Alliance and Sorimmar’s forces. The war was costly and Sorimmar was defeated at the Battle of Krell, but not destroyed. He simply withdrew behind the Saugreth-Muir and began to rebuild his strength. Many royal dynasties were ended in the great battle of Krell, and the West was dangerously weakened. During the war, Sorimmar’s allies attempted to wrest control of the Sea of Orel, but were defeated at the great naval Battle of Morathad.

Many bloodlines were lost in this war, including the following kings: Anrahal Baranthyr of Rennsfar, Anrik Kilräen II of Ammarind, Cerland Myrolan II of Marundi, Eltheraf Ekryie of Melinarë, Ezgur Flanäe II of Elyria, Gheren Taraghon III of Gwynne, Ilathrin Navarrë II of Cyrendar, and Mordecai Mankhari IV of Thûle.