War of Storms

The War of Storms was a conflict lasting from 485-491/6 between Orel and Thûle.

This war was unique in that the Thûlians were defeated by weather more than by Orellian naval strategy.

During the initial period of the war, much of the Thûlian fleet was lost in a series of violent gales off the Orellian coast. Then five years later, during the Battle of Shult, the entire Thûlian fleet was lost in another series of terrific gales that swept through the Sea of Orel. Many Orellian ships were also lost, including the Orellian flagship carrying King Agathar II, the last king of the Xantheras Dynasty. At the conclusion of the conflict, Orel came to be ruled by King Byron Zheren. Orellians still call this the war started by the Goddess Myrival, for more sailor on both sides dies due to weather than enemy action.