War of Succession

The War of Succession was a long and bloody conflict that was waged between the years 27 thru 32 of the Sixth Age. It was essentially a civil war fought between two rival factions in the kingdom of Erindar.


The kingdom of Erindar was rendered extremely weak after the disastrous War of the Cataclysm. The nation had lost tens of thousands of lives and was nearly bankrupt. Erindar's popular monarch, King Eladrin II had been killed at the battle of Harkalad and his young daughter, Elwyn had assumed the Ivory Throne in his stead. Elwyn was very young when she assumed the throne, and seen by many at court as weak. Eventually after more than two decades her rule, the kingdom was growing into two great factions; the east and west halves of the country were opposed. In the year 27/6, Queen Elwyn attempted to convince a powerful eastern noble named Eldred Fentharë to marry her and unite the country. Eldred refused the offer, and instead declared war upon the crown and the kingdom was shattered by civil war.


The Queen ordered Eldred arrested and sent the loyalist army to capture his stronghold at the city of Gresham. The city was under siege for over a year, but was never captured. During the long siege more and more Erindari vassals withdrew support from the Queen, and her armies were finally defeated on the field.


The next three years saw much bloody carnage as the two halves of the kingdom raided and pillaged each other. Neither side could gain an advantage militarily. Duke Eldred began to plot other methods to depose Queen Elwyn. Eldred sent a group of powerful assassins into the Cordova Palace, and in a night of dark terror, the Queen was nearly assassinated. Queen Elwyn soon abandoned the royal castle and fled to the home of her Uncle, Duke Gregor Krasdan. From his castle she continued to wage war against Eldred.



By the year 32/6, it was clear that Eldred has the upper hand. He has captured the Cordova Palace and held the eastern two-thirds of the kingdom. Queen Elwyn made the decision to abdicate the throne of Erindar and a treaty was signed, whereas the kingdom would be divided into two smaller realms divided by the Eldir Vaas river. Queen Elwyn did not go into exile, but rather formed a new kingdom in the far western regions of Erindar. That same year, Queen Elwyn declared herself the ruler of the new kingdom of Elyria and made her capitol the city of Rilsavar. Eldred then became the new king of Erindar. The war permanently divided the kingdom of Erindar into two smaller nations with much bitterness on both sides.