War of the Celadon (Ralani Civil War)

(551-553/6) The War of the Celadon was a conflict which resulted in the collapse of the Kingdom of Ralas.

This conflict, commonly referred to as the "Ralani Civil War," dragged on for years and cost thousands of Ralani lives. When it was over, Ralas was broken into two new kingdoms: Rennsfar and Serathyr.

The War also allowed the far southern Ralani colony of Kendar to declare itself an independent nation.


The civil war began when King Durendil's son; Prince Drexel raped Lady Amarei during her religious pilgrimage to the Celadon Forest.

Amarei was the wife of a Ralani noble named Alaron Baranthyr. Alaron soon discovered the crime and challenged the Prince to single combat. During their duel, Alaron killed Prince Drexel fairly, enraging his father; King Durendil.

It appeared Alaron would soon be executed for treason.


The King, in a extremely controversial and foolhardy decision, immediately ordered Alaron arrested and all his family's land seized. To escape the King's wrath, Alaron fled south to the Isle of Renthara. King Durendil then sent many soldiers to burn his lands and butcher his people. This wanton cruelty sparked the southern nobles of Ralas into open revolt and a great war for independence began.


King Durendil was a cruel and hard man, and he ordered his troops to show no mercy as they invaded Renthara. There were a great number of atrocities committed by the loyalist forces. But every act of brutality made the rebellion grow stronger.



The war ended with a brilliant victory by Lord Alaron Baranthyr over the Ralani loyalists at the Battle of Edgecliffe, in which King Durendil Serati II was slain and the Kingdom of Rennsfar was created.

Another important development of the conflict was that the southern Ralani colonies, located on Azoria declared themselves independent and founded the Republic of Kendar.