War of the Corsairs

(1240-1244/4) The War of the Corsairs was a long and brutal conflict between the kingdom of Ralas and the Corsairs of Tar Vielca, who were led by the infamous Pirate-King.

The war began in the year 1240/4, began when the infamous Pirate-King of Tar Vielca ordered fleets of ships carrying Eloysian pirates, to pillage the coastal regions of the Sea of Ralas.

The bloody sneak attacks conducted by these raiders, who the Ralani came to call "Corsairs," lasted five long years, growing in size and brutality. Whole regions of the Pirate Coast were left nearly un-populated; their peoples either slain or carried off as slaves.

These raids continued until the year 1244/4; when the Pirate-King was killed and his fleet destroyed at the Battle of Volnar Strait; where the kingdom of Ralas won a great victory against the Corsairs in an epic naval confrontation involving hundreds of vessels and thousands of soldiers.

Sadly, King Malenvar Sanborn III, the last monarch of his Dynasty and the holder of Darkslayer; one of the seven Melanthir, was lost at sea during that epic battle.

Even today, there is still lingering hatred and bitterness among ethnic Ralani of both Serathyr and Rennsfar towards Eloysians, over those brutal coastal raids from so long ago.