War of the Dragons

The War of the Dragons was the first major conflict on the continent of Corwyn, fought between the Elder-Elves and the race of evil Dragons.

The war which took place between the years 975-5028 of the First Age. The war was fought between the Silvar-Elves of Ectharë, and an alliance of noble Metallic Dragons on one side, against a powerful alliance of evil Chromatic Dragons bent on domination of the continent of Corwyn.

The war was both long in duration and terrible in its rampant destruction; caused by dragon-fire and magic. The war ended with the climactic Battle of Merizath, in which Calegorax, the leader of the evil dragons was slain. As he lay dying, he uttered a famous curse upon the Silvar-Elves that they would wither away on Corwyn. Many sages believe that this curse contributed to the fall of Ectharë after the War of Wrath, and the fall of the later elvish realms of Wyntharë and Thekarë.