War of the Fallen Crown

(1008-1011/6) The War of the Fallen Crown was a terrible conflict between the kingdoms of Serathyr and Elyria fought over the disputed Greymist Hills region.

The war began when Serathian King Durand Hansafar, who claimed territorial rights to the many deposits of silver, gold and tilvium located in the region, ordered a series of raids and skirmishes.

The Elyrian king; Corvin Crannock II quickly retaliated. The war soon spun out of control, drawing King Ilnavel Brevald of Iskandar in on Serathyr’s side and King Aradan Garistano II of Rennsfar in on Elyria’s.

For three years, the armies of the four kingdoms butchered each other in a series of bloody battles. All sides were guilty of civilian massacres.

In its fourth year, the war finally ended with a bloody stalemate at the Battle of Anley.

The war cost the lives of King Durand of Serathyr, King Corvin II of Elyria, King Ilnavel and Istavar III of Iskandar.

Only King Aradan II of Rennsfar survived.

It is said that the only victors in this conflict were the vultures who feasted on 100,000 corpses by war’s end.