War of the False Spring

(275-287/4) The War of the False Spring was a long and bloody conflict fought between the eastern Kingdom of Adar and the Daroon Empire of Shang-Zhou

The War began in the Year 275/4, when King Markov Penrose; son of Elroth, invaded the Far East. Markov was a brilliant military leader, and he displayed those skills during that war. Over a period of twelve years, Markov defeated the imperial Daroon forces many times and expanded his holdings eastward.

After his stunning victory at the Battle of Zorath Valley in 287/4, Markov led his armies further east and that same year, sacked the imperial capital of Zhengys.

After capture of Zhengys in 287/4, the Cloud-Emperor Singh of Shang-Zhou was forced to sign a humiliating treaty with Markov and forced to cede much imperial territory to the Adari.


This war represented the height of the power and expansion of Adar.