War of the Frozen Snow

The War of the Frozen Snow was an twenty-year military campaign led by Kren Alaghon to unite the Thaldain people. It resulted in the creation of the Kingdom of Marundi.

When Lord Kren set out upon his quest, he was assisted by several Imperial Legions sent by Empress Ravinia.

The long and bloody campaign became known as the "War of the Frozen Snow." Over the next 20 years, Kren's forces fought against a series of rival Thaldain Lords who were led by Vorland Drax; the ruler of Derilath.

Eventually, Kren's forces took control of the entire Northern Peninsula, using attrition to wear down their foes.

With the final defeat of Lord Vorland at the Battle of Skåaven in 97/5, Kren was able to re-unite all the Thalari peoples under one banner for the first time since the fall of Thalar.

Afterward, Kren granted amnesty and pardoned all the defeated nobles who surrendered and peace and prosperity came to the North for many long years. in 98/5, Kren was anointed by Ravinia as the first King of Marundi.

He assumed the Bearclaw Throne of Castle Obsidian that same year, and his descendants became known as the Alaghon Dynasty.