War of the Long March

The War of the Long March was a bloody conflict fought on Azoria between the Eloysian Empire and the nation of Vhan Da'Har.

After, Emperor Al'Dur Kharata had conquered Eriskhar, Oriad, and the Seven Cities of Bronze, He turned his attention far to the south, and in the year AR 37 commenced the War of the Long March.

At that time, the Realm of Vhan Da'Har was the closest southern power of the neighboring the Eloysian Empire. The ruler of Vhan Da'Har at that time was Emir Zhantal, who was a seasoned battle commander himself. The war waged for seven bloody years, and stretched across half the continent.

After negotiations broke down, the Eloysian armies invaded and marched halfway across Azoria, in the "Long March" toward the Vhan-Daharian capital of Akkad. Despite the distance for logistics, Al'Dur's armies pressed on and eventually defeated the Emir's forces after a seven-year campaign. When Akkad was captured in the year AR 40, the war ended and Emir Zhantal was forced into exile.

During the last fighting that same year, Al'Dur was injured by a poisoned dart, and became seriously ill. He never fully recovered from this wound which festered and ultimately killed him. The conquest of Vhan Da'Har was the last military campaign of Emperor Al'Dur Kharata.