War of the Melanthir

The War of the Melanthir was a conflict lasting from 1175-1179/3 between the First Alliance and the largely Gauth and orc army of Alokkair.

This war saw the Seven Champions of the West unite and defend Corwyn against the eastern barbarians for the first time. The war ended with a stunning victory over Alokkair’s armies at the Battle of Thürdrum, in which the nine armies of the East and West battled for control of the continent. After the battle, Alokkair was captured by Eradan Myrnäe, imprisoned at Castle Myrdon, and the war came to an end. This great victory by the men of the West allowed for the subsequent raising of seven new kingdoms in western Corwyn, and the eventual expansion of human influence into the east, both by the realms of Amar to the north, and Eldara to the south. This war also saw the end of the Gauth domination of the East, as most of their folk were slain or driven into obscurity during that conflict.