War of the Pretender

Conflict lasting from 1293-1297/4, between the kingdom of Adar and the Second Alliance of the West. This terrible conflict was the last in a series of wars planned by the Witch-King Alokkair, who has been the mastermind behind dozens of smaller conflicts in his efforts to weaken the West. Alokkair controlled the dark realm of Adar, as well as the armies of Kurand, Üthrar, and his Gauth and orc hordes. There was so much widespread fighting, that the entire West was thrown into chaos, with many different campaigns fought simultaneously throughout the continent. The war was long and costly, and finally ended with the disastrous Battle of the Dawn, in which Alokkair was slain by the Rynnish King Eromir III of Alveron, and the Sword of Akhmahra captured. The war also led to the fall of the kingdom of Adar, and the end of the Donoräe Dynasty. It is considered the greatest historic victory for the forces of the West and led to the creation of the Ravinian Empire 44 years later.