War of Three Kings

(1085-1089/6) The War of Three Kings was a horrific conflict between Gwynne, Alveron and Orel.

The War began when King Gregor Eridani II foolishly ordered his armies to invade Alveron. This attack was entirely due to a petty slight over a woman. The King, who was already married, became involved with a noble-woman of Alveron named Olivia DeMarco. She later spurned him and returned with her entourage to Alveron. The king was enraged and demanded to keep her as his concubine. He threatened to 'burn down the city of Alenthas' if he could not have Olivia.

All the king's advisors strongly advised against such a disastrous action, especially over a spurned romance. The King was stubborn to the point of madness, and he soon ordered his troops to march. The Gwynnish army invaded Alveron, then laid siege to the city of Alenthas. The city never fell, and the siege was broken after a few months with heavy Gwynnish losses. Orel joined the conflict on the side of Alveron soon after. With this Alliance against her; Gwynne was hopelessly outmatched. Gwynne managed to drag the war on for three more years with minor skirmishes and delaying tactics. Her generals wisely refused to meet the enemy's superior forces directly on the field, for they knew Gwynne would be doomed.


By the year 1087/6, Alveron pushed the Gwynnish forces back and invaded Gwynne. In desperation, King Gregor executed all of his generals and took over the army himself. He then ordered his forces to engage the Alveronian host head-on. The result was predictable; in 1089/6, the Gwynnish armies were totally routed at the Battle of Harmswood. This battle was so disastrous that King Gregor II was murdered that evening by members his own family who desperately wanted to end the war.

Within days, Gwynne sued for peace, and King Galen; the so-called "Boy-King," was forced to sign a humiliating treaty and pay Alveron for reparations.