War of Wrath

The War of Wrath; commonly called the "Elvish Civil War," lasted from 537-1541/2 and caused the destruction of both the Silvar-Elf realm of Ectharë and the Dark-Elf realm of Drotharë. The war began when an ambitious elvish priestess named Lorynäe Anarivon attempted to usurp the elvish throne of Ectharë. She murdered Elf-king Starion Alessarë and tried to take the Eternal Throne of Ectharë for herself. Her elvish and human followers then battled with elvish loyalists in the West for nearly a thousand years. The elves who rebelled became known as the Drothë; or "Dark-Elves."

A low point for the Silvar-Elves was the horrific battle of Saravôsh; which saw an entire army of Elves killed in a enormous explosion which created the Grôn Chasm. Finally, Lorynäe’s last followers were driven underground at the Battle of Grôn, and the heroic Elf-king Talarion Brightstar was slain. This terrible conflict had many dark and long-lasting results. The creation of a half-dark elvish race of evil men known as the Gauth, the complete devastation of the eastern half of the continent, the Dark-Elves being banished from the surface of Corwyn forever.

Neither the Deep-Dwarves or the Red-Dwarves of Corwyn took no part in this war, despite pleas from the elves; the dwarves were still bitter over the Synfari's earlier refusal to grant the dwarves the gift of Magic. This refusal has made the elves look upon dwarves with disdain to this very day.

The final and most tragic effect of this war was the Sundering; the division of the Elvish race on Corwyn into three smaller elvish sub-races, each of which had their own homeland. The Grey-Elves founded Wyntharë, the High-Elves founded Melinarë, and the Wood-Elves founded Thekarë.