Warren Lidu

Representing the Noble District, Warren Lidu is a member of Sasserine's Dawn Council.

Warren, a generous and kindly old man, is the current patriarch of the oldest and most politically influential noble family in the city. His family usually keeps to themselves, but works secretly to achieve its goals.

Luckily, these goals are benevolent; for Warren Lidu has always believed in a free, representative government and works tirelessly against any type of monarchy or totalitarian rule in the city.

Warren Lidu's daughter Trystani is a member of the Witchwardens of Sasserine.

House of Lidu

After the House of Meravanchi, the Lidu family is the second wealthiest in Sasserine. The Lidus are old money, and were part of the original group of Ralani pilgrims led by Viktor Teraknian. The founding patriarch of this family was Koriel Lidu, who would eventually found an ill-fated settlement called "Liduton," in the foothills southeast of Sasserine.

The Lidu family may have had poor luck with their own settlement, but over the last several centuries, they have built up an enormous amount of wealth from mining, lumber, shipbuilding, and spice-trading.

Under Kendari rule, the Lidu family suffered greatly, which explains their strong devotion to the new, representative city government.