Wars of Destiny

(0002-0015/5) The Wars of Destiny were a series of bloody conflicts fought between rival Vaas warlords trying to control the Highlands region of Corwyn. The conflict resulted in the creation of the Kingdom of Erindar under the rule of King Erin Fremantle.

Sometimes called the "Vaas Civil War," this 13-year, bloody conflict swept through the entire Highlands region. The wars were started by Erin Fremantle; a powerful Vaas warlord who believed it was his "destiny" to unite his people under a single banner. He began invading neighboring territories that would not submit to his authority.

When the conflict began, Lord Erin was already the Margrave of Chelstad, and the undisputed leader of the Eldir; the largest of the nine Vaas Clans. But before Erin could fulfill his "destiny," there were eight other clans which would have to submit to his authority before he could be crowned King of the Vaas people.


In the wake of the defeat of Alokkair, the West was more secure than ever, allowing the Ravinian Empire to be founded.

During the War of the Pretender, Lord Erin had served as one of Empress Ravinia's ablest Chieftains; and, in return, she gave him her support when he took up the monumental task of bringing order to the Highlands and uniting the region under a single ruler.

In all seven of his campaigns, Erin was assisted with both money and, later, military support by the Empress.

At the Dawn of the Fifth Age, the Highlands region was divided into ten rival, competing factions:

These various strongholds were divided and weak after fighting in the War of the Pretender. Nevertheless, Erin still faced a daunting task to conquer all of them. It took nearly thirteen bloody years, but Lord Erin was victorious and was eventually crowned the first King of Erindar.


At first, Erin tried to negotiate terms from the other Vaas strongholds, but when diplomacy failed, he turned to outright warfare, and the Highlands was plunged into chaos. At that time, Erin's strongest rival was King Casperian of the city-state of Rilsavar. Casperian also claimed it was his "destiny" to rule the Vaas people, and the conflict between the two would forever be known as the "Wars of Destiny." These wars were broken down into seven different campaigns, in which Lord Erin took on a different rival warlord. These campaigns, or "Wars," are listed chronologically:

The First War of Destiny (0002/5)

Erin defeated the combined forces of Queen Elvana Balfor of Cymereth and Marius Harlow of Gresham at the Battle of Hardeen. This was a major turning point, where Erin was no longer viewed as merely some boastful warlord, but a true contender for complete control of the Highlands region.

The Second War of Destiny (0003/5)

In this conflict, Erin defeated Casperian, and forced a stalemate.

The Third War of Destiny (0004/5)

Erin besieged the city of Karthis. The city eventually surrendered, and Queen Rowena Gildayne was forced to abdicate her throne. Erin later ordered her to marry Lord Devan Caswell, thus ending the House of Gildayne, as her offspring were of House Caswell

The Fourth War of Destiny (0004 - 0005/5)

In his fourth campaign, Lord Erin invaded the Redmark Stronghold. Unlike his previous three campaigns, Erin's forces were defeated at Battle of Darkwood by the superior tactics of Margrave Artemis Kilborne of Redmark. Within weeks of the battle, Lord Artemis saw a great opportunity, and even though he had beaten Erin, chose to join his alliance in return for fully independent rule once the conflict had ended. This was seen as both a prudent and cynical decision, but it did ensure that the city of Redmark remained free until the present day.

The Fifth War of Destiny (0006/5)

After a short campaign, Erin made peace with the Margrave Lars Montrose of Lakewood, who then joined his growing alliance.

The Sixth War of Destiny (0007 - 0009/5)

Erin Defeated Casperian a second time, made a treaty with Margrave Konrad Pike of Pike's Ferry, causing his forces to switch sides.

The Seventh War of Destiny (0009 - 0013/5)

After all other rival warlords had been defeated, Erin now pressed his advantage and invaded the territory of King Casperian Rilsav of Rilsavar. Although he was strongly urged to make peace, Casperian chose, out of arrogant pride, to fight to the bitter end. He was was betrayed by Erathor Grüen at the battle of Axbridge, and was later slain himself by Erin Fremantle. With the final defeat of Casperian Rilsav, Erin had either conquered or suppressed all other rival nobles. Later that same year, he proclaimed himself "King of Erindar."