Wars of Destiny

(0002-0015/5) The Wars of Destiny were a series of bloody conflicts fought between rival Vaas warlords trying to control the Highlands region of Corwyn. The conflict resulted in the creation of the Kingdom of Erindar under the rule of King Erin Fremantle.

Sometimes called the "Vaas Civil War," this 13-year, bloody conflict swept through the entire Highlands region. It was instigated by Erin Fremantle; who believed it was his "destiny" to unite the Vaas people under a single banner.

When the conflict began, Erin was already the Margave of Chelstad, and the undisputed leader of the Eldir; the largest of the nine Vaas Clans. But before Erin could fulfill his "destiny," there were eight other clans which would have to submit to his authority before he could be crowned King of Erindar.


In the wake of the defeat of Alokkair, the West was more secure than ever, allowing the Ravinian Empire to be founded. One of Empress Ravinia's Chieftains; Lord Erin Fremantle, then took up the monumental task of bringing order to the Highlands by uniting them under a single ruler. To complete the monumental task of uniting the Vaas, Erin was assisted with both money and military support by the Empress.

At the Dawn of the Fifth Age, the Highlands region was divided into ten rival, competing factions:

These various strongholds were divided and weak after fighting in the War of the Pretender. Nevertheless, Erin still faced a daunting task to conquer all of them. It took nearly thirteen bloody years, but Lord Erin was victorious and was crowned the first king of Erindar.

The Campaigns

At first, Erin tried to negotiate terms from the other Vaas strongholds, but when diplomacy failed, he turned to outright warfare, and the Highlands was plunged into chaos. At that time, Erin's strongest rival for nearly the entire conflict was King Casperian of the city-state of Rilsavar.