(pop; 9,000) Wati is a small Vilzari settlement, located just outside the ruins of Tanif.

One hundred years ago, this settlement was nothing more than a caravanserai for desert traders and local tribesmen.


However, over the past century, Wati has grown into a sizable community of nearly 10,000 inhabitants.

This massive growth was caused by the excavation of the massive ruins located adjacent to the settlement.

The Priest-Kings of Vilzar have long coveted the hidden treasures of Shorafa, and since Tanif was the greatest of the Shorafi cities, it has become their primary target for plunder.

For decades, Vilzari Kings have ordered expeditions sent from An-Khara to unearth hidden treasures from the sands covering Tanif.

When King Nezrakar rose to the Vilzari Throne sixteen years ago, he immediately took a keen interest in the ruins.

Ever since, the King has sent a steady stream of slaves to Wati to continue the excavation project.

The original Vilzari sages and archaeologists who traveled to Wati, came to the ruins with enlightened goals of knowledge and exploration.

But today, Wati only serves as a home for insidious grave-plundering.

Important Residents

  • Farhaan; the bartender at the Tooth & Hookah
  • Idori; a skilled, local mercenary
  • Kahmed; the Governor of Wati and commander of its military garrison
  • Madrah; a local mystic and sage
  • Rekitra; a healer merchant
  • Thema; local priestess of Ak'Tai
  • Terhk; a local merchant