Waymeet Pass

Sometimes called "Ansilay Pass," or "Bloodstone Pass," this narrow passage winds through the Snowcrown Mountains between the Ansilay Valley and the kingdom of Gwynne. The passage is important, for it is the only route for caravans traveling between Ashara and Kuldhûr.

Waymeet Pass is treacherous, but crucially important because all the ancient dwarvish passes near Krone Feyr to the west have either been destroyed or are too dangerous. At the northern edge border of the Pass is a stone wall called the "Bloodstone Gate." This is the southern border of Trevalia, and a toll must be paid to enter through the gate.

The independent freehold of Trevalia lies in a secluded mountain valley directly north of this pass, and in return for tolls, provide escorts to protect caravans going both north and south along its length.