Battle of Wendonford

(1036/6) Wendonford was the site of a fierce battle between the Elyrian loyalist army of King Corbray Crannock II and the rebel army of Viscount Silas Tunston of Grüenwald. It was the last major battle in the Tunston Uprising.

Corbray had a much larger force and would have easily beaten Silas, but for the fact he was betrayed. Corbray led his 7,000 soldiers into the Wendonford Valley at the urging of Duke Furion Whitacre.

Furion; an Elyrian noble who was secretly in league with Silas, cunningly led the king’s army into a trap, where it could not maneuver or even defend itself. Furion’s soldiers then changed sides and attacked the loyalists from the rear. Although Furion had only 1,000 men, he was joined by 3,000 soldiers loyal to Silas, and the battle soon became a bloody massacre.

Caught between two armies, the loyalists were soon routed and King Corbray was slain leading a desperate cavalry charge against a line of pike-men preventing his retreat.

This battle marked the last real fighting in the Tunston Uprising. Soon after the battle was over, Furion betrayed Silas as well; during the infamous “Night of the Red Knives.” Afterward, Furion proclaimed himself the next king of Elyria.