(pop:43,000) Located on the Bloody Coast of the Sea of Orel, Westfall is a major Eldaran seaport.

The city is located in the red clay foothills of the Redpeaks Mountains, on a small inlet facing the ocean. Because of its long history of invasion and pirate raids, the city has strong gates and high walls for its protection.

Westfall is a crucial port of call because it is the eastern terminus of the famous Isthmus Road. All merchant trade between the Vhan Myr, and the Sea of Orel must either use this route or travel by ship all the way south around the Cape of Black Ice, below the continent of Azoria. The port is also a major base for the Eldaran Navy.


The city is accessible from the west via the Isthmus Road, which connects it to the city of Southcliff.

On a daily basis, many caravans leave this city daily for the cities of Southcliff, Sathay, and Kingsport.

The city of Westfall is currently ruled by Duchess Nalia Skorupio.