Westgard Keep

Westgard Keep is a crucial outpost of Alveron, located on the border between Alveron and Orel; at the junction of the Stoneway, the Oramar Road, and the Border Road.

The keep is located in a small valley at the northern tip of the Trusk Mountains. Westgard Keep was built by the kingdom of Alveron early in the Fourth Age as a border fortress, and became even more vital as the junction of three important roads from the three ancient realms of Alveron, Rhodara, and Eldara. The keep is now manned by soldiers from the realm of Alveron, who also protect the large village of Westburg that lies along the roadsides and the surrounding valley which is overlooked by the mammoth fortress high on a point of rock. This strong outpost is perhaps the most vital southern defensive position of Alveron because of its strategic location and strong defenses. The keep is currently commanded by Baron Zoren Kildare.