The Westvale is essentially a great island that makes up the territory of the kingdom of Cyrendar. Easily the largest region of the West, the islands stretches east from the eastern shores of the Wyn Myr to the western coast of the Iron Sea, and south from the northern coast of Sea of Vaas south to the Iskari Strait. The Iskari Strait separates the island from the elvish realm of Antharë.

What separates the Westvale from all other regions of the west is geography and culture, for the people of this region along have the distinction of no history of constant wars and destruction. Because of that relatively peaceful history, the culture of the region is unlike that of realms further east. There is less emphasis on military strength and fortifications, and more on mercantilism, trade, and free enterprise. The Westvale is wealthy compared to other regions, simply because it has benefited from so many years with little war and no looting, pillaging, or other forms of destruction. Other than raids from giants and goblin tribes located in the northern Crystalpeak mountains, there are few known threats to the local inhabitants.

Religion, spirituality, and the pursuit of art, literature, poetry, are all more important here than sharp swords and tall battlements. That is not to say that the Westvale region is not militarily strong. Even though the region has the smallest military forces per capita anywhere on Corwyn, the population here is so large that the Westvalians can still wield a tremendous army and powerful navy if necessary. Over the last millennia, the Westvalians have come to the rescue of the other western powers many occasions, and their intervention has made the difference between victory and defeat on several occasions.

Most Westvalians are Iskari; and are seen as aloof by others.