The Whispering Cairn

The Whispering Cairn is an ancient burial site, located in the Cairn Hills, several miles outside Diamond Lake. The tomb is famous for the whispering winds inside that seem to speak to visitors.

The Cairn Hills region near Diamond Lake is littered with similar tombs honoring the brave Vaati warriors who fell at the ancient Battle of Pesh; a horrific conflict that took place during the War of Wrath. During this epic battle, the Vaati defeated a Demon named the "Queen of Chaos," along with her entire army.

The greatest of these tombs honored Icosiol; a Vaati-Prince slain by demons during that terrible battle. Other tombs contained Icosiol’s fallen warriors and sub-chiefs; each with its own treasures and stories to tell.

One of these smaller tombs held the corpse of Zosiel; a Vaati champion who was slain shortly before Icosiol employed the Rod of Law to banish the Queen of Chaos from the world forever. Zosiel's tomb is known today as the "Whispering Cairn."

In the several millennia since its construction, the Whispering Cairn has hosted countless visitors. Long ago, various thieves and grave robbers made off with the most attainable of the tomb’s treasures; statuettes of peerless sculpt, platinum canisters of priceless incense, and a hundred smaller baubles of more questionable value. Many of these "explorers" fell victim to the ingenious traps of the tomb’s chief architect; a noble Vaati named Nadroc.

Legend has it that the cairn itself was an elaborate ruse, meant to distract from an even greater tomb that was filled with even deadlier menaces and invaluable treasures. Even thousands of years after its construction, some locals still believe the Whispering Cairn holds still un-plundered mysteries from the days of its creation.

The last notable expedition to the Whispering Cairn occurred nearly 30 years ago; led by an unscrupulous wizard called Ulavant. The entire affair ended in tragedy, with all members lost to Nadroc’s insidious traps, including a local youth named Alastor. These days, only footnotes in musty tomes in the library of Redmark record the fate of Ulavant’s band.


Today, the youths of Diamond Lake still use the Whispering Cairn like a rite of passage. Young people of Diamond Lake dare each other to spend a night within its chambers, using the place as a test of their mettle.

These visits tapered off several ago, when a local girl vanished while sleeping in the cairn. But other local young-folk still visit the site, to marvel at the tomb’s uncanny sounds and to carve their names upon its entry walls; their trembling hands etching proof of their courage upon the ancient stones.