The Whispering Cairn

Located in the Cairn Hills several miles outside Diamond Lake, the Whispering Cairn is an ancient tomb famous for its 'whispering winds' which seem to speak to visitors who venture inside.

Long ago, during the War of Wrath, there was a terrible battle at a place called Pesh. This battle was fought between the Dark-elves and a race called the "Vaati." Afterward, the fallen were buried in a series of tombs or "Cairns." One of these tombs, known today as the Whispering Cairn, held a fallen Vaati champion named Zosiel.


In the millennia since its construction, the Whispering Cairn has hosted countless visitors. Long ago, various thieves and grave robbers made off with the most attainable of the tomb’s priceless treasures; statuettes of peerless sculpt, platinum canisters of incense, and a hundred smaller baubles of more questionable value. Many thieves fell victim to the ingenious traps of the tomb’s chief architect; a Vaati lord named Nadroc.

The Legend

The Whispering Cairn has always drawn explorers because of a persistent legend that it was nothing more than an elaborate ruse, designed to distract thieves from an even greater tomb that was filled with even deadlier menaces and invaluable treasures. Even thousands of years after its construction, some locals still believe the Whispering Cairn holds still un-plundered mysteries from the days of its creation.

Recent Events

The last notable expedition to explore the Whispering Cairn occurred nearly 33 years ago; led by an wizard called Ulavant. No one ever returned from that ill-fated expedition, including a young local boy named Alastor.

Today, the youth of Diamond Lake still use the Whispering Cairn like a rite of passage, daring each other to spend a night within its upper chambers and test their courage.