Wild Coast

The Wild Coast is the dangerous, western shore of Azoria, where the continent meets the waters of the Shining Sea.

In northern Azoria, the Wild Coast borders the Rockdale region.

This entire coastal region was first colonized by the Ralani in the Fourth Age and is now home to the powerful republic of Kendar, as well as the smaller cities of Caldera and Sasserine.

Other settlements located along the Wild Coast include: Shard, Stonehaven, Castle Greenrock and Port Blackwell.

Local History

The Wild Coast region has a long and storied history, stretching back over 4,000 years. The regional history can broken down into several eras.

The Shadurian era

The Wild Coast and the adjacent Rockdale region were first settled about 4,000 years ago by a group of people called the Shadurians, who hailed from ancient nation of Sha'Dur. The Shadurians spread across the region, founding many settlements; the most famous of which was called "Nas'krii."

For over 1,000 years, the Wild Coast and the Rockdale were colonies of Sha'Dur. That all changed when Sha'Dur was conquered by the Eloysian Empire in the year AR 237. The city of Nas'krii also came under imperial domination at that time.

The Eloysian Era

For nearly 1,700 years, the region was a northern province of the Eloysian Empire, until that Empire, too, began to decay. Beset by political intrigue, internal strife, and several civil wars, the Eloysian Empire collapsed in AR 2079. Around this same era, Nas'krii was invaded by an unknown enemy and destroyed.


The Ralani Colonization

The Ralani people of Corwyn had long been great sea-farers. In the year 359/4, King Axilar Sanborn of Ralas sailed south from Rastios and began his great expedition, which resulted in the discovery of the continent of Azoria.

Along the way, Axilar founded a series of colonies on the Wild Coast that would one day grow into the Republic of Kendar.

Centuries later, the Kingdom of Ralas was wracked by a terrible civil war. This bloody conflict had several important historical effects. First, it allowed Kendar to formally declare its independence from Ralas.

Second, the war led to the founding of the city of Sasserine by a group of pilgrims who were trying to escape its horrors.