The Wildfolk; also known as "Stone Barbarians," are part of the race of Vaas who did not assimilate into the civilized cultures of Derianor and Erindar.

The Wildfolk have Vasneesh coloring and speech, but very different customs and societal values. Most are not overly aggressive and keep to themselves, but can be deadly if they feel their territory is threatened. The Wildfolk live in the region of Corwyn known as the Wildlands east of Derianor. Others dwell in the region of the Vast, west of the Dwarf-realm of Orrek. These barbarians have befriended the dwarves of the north and trade with them frequently. Some bands of Wildfolk dwell in outlying areas of Derianor and even northern Erindar, but those groups do not consider themselves subjects of either the Erindari court in Chelstad or the Theocrats in Elsareth.


The Highlands have a long and storied past. In the Third Age, many of these diverse migratory tribes of humans began to populate the region. These peoples were called the Vaas, and there were many tribes. There were the Vesten; who populated the far-western regions, the Harlochs; who populated the central regions, the Thessalans; who populated the southern regions, the Nolar; who dwelt in the Kronarwood, the Eldir; who dwelt along the rivers and streams, and the Vryne; who populated the eastern regions. In the north, there were the "Ten-tribes" of the mountains, led by Kor the Magnificent.

Over the centuries, most of these tribal peoples kept to themselves, occasionally fighting with each other over territory or herds of livestock. Most Wildfolk tribes were fiercely independent. In the late third Third Age, the Vesten were conquered by the Cynarans of Urland, who controlled the coastal regions of the Sea of Vaas. When the Iskari conquered Urland, and took control of the Westvale, the northwest Highlands fell into anarchy. For a time, the Queen of the Highlands; a strong Vaas ruler, established the Kingdom of Harloch and brought order to the region, but it was not to last. Later, the Freehold of Dorada was established, but it only controlled a small area.

It wasn't until the Eldir tribes of the Vaas migrated south and established the kingdom of Erindar that real order came to the Highlands.


Today, the sixteen current Wildfolk tribes are as follows:
1) the Eldir
2) the Nolar
3) Harlochs
4) Thessalans
5) the Vesten
6) the Vryne
7) the Ten Tribes of the Mountains