The Wildlands are a large, ungoverned region in the Highlands of Corwyn.

The region's northern border is the Frozen Coast of the Sea of Vaas, its southern borders are Irondale and the Nolar Vaas.

Its eastern border is the Swordpoint Mountains and its western border is the Vryne River.

The Wildlands region named for the tribes of Wildfolk that dwell within its borders. These barbarian Vaas tribes never desired to form organized nations and civilize the way their other Vaas Clans did.

Instead, the Wildfolk fiercely held onto their independence, and consider themselves as the only true free peoples of Corwyn.

Because it contains no central authority figures or kingdoms, the Wildlands can be a dangerous and wild place. The entire region is made up of small, fiercely independent settlements which compete for food and resources.

The only large community in the Wildlands is the small Freehold of Lakewood, which is located upon the northern shores of the Nolar Vaas.

Local History

The Wildlands region traces its history back to the early Third Age, when the first Vaas Clans were formed. One of these clans was called the Nolar, and consisted of ten distinct tribes. At one time, all ten tribes were united by a great chieftain named Kor the Magnificent, who became their greatest leader.