The Wildlands

Population: 558,000 (85% Vaas, 15% Iskari, 5% other)
Demi-humans: 30,000 (75% dwarves, 18% halflings, 4% gnomes, 3% elves)
Humanoids: many (mostly orcs and goblins)
Government: independent settlements
Current Leader: none
Coat of Arms: varies
Imports: iron, gold, silver, arms, weapons
Exports: Mercenaries, horses, grain, textiles

Expansive ungoverned region in northern Corwyn. The Wildlands western borders with Derianor are the waters of the large Vryne River, and its eastern borders are the foothills of the Swordpoint Mountains. The Wildlands northern border is the coast of the Sea of Vaas, and its southern border is the expansive Greenwood Forest. The Wildlands has no central authority figures or kingdoms. The entire region is made up of small settlements that are fiercely independent and compete for food and other resources.

The Wildlands is also named for the tribes of Wildfolk that dwell within its borders. These primitive Vaas people never desired to form cultures and civilize the way their southern Vaas cousins did in the kingdom of Erindar. They stayed their own course, and think of themselves as the only true free peoples of Corwyn. The Wildlands is divided roughly in half by the fast-moving Foam River. There are a few organized settlements in this region, but they are scattered.