Willben Fletcher

Willben Fletcher is a young cleric of Berevrom from Caldera.

However, he did not actually enter the service of the Law God while in Caldera. Rather, while studying law in Sasserine, he found his calling and took his vows.

It was while on a quest for the Temple of Berevrom in Sasserine that he met Gilliam Love, who helped him out of a rather serious jam, and the two became friends and adventuring partners. Willben traveled with Gilliam back to Caldera when the rogue received a plea for help from the headmistress of the Lantern Street Orphanage, Gretchen Stokeworth.

While paying his respects to the Temple of Berevrom in Caldera, Willben was enamored with the young priestess he saw there, Jenya Urikas, and he urged his friend to introduce them, as they were apparently acquainted. In his nervousness, he failed to make a positive first impression, however.

Willben's Character Sheet