The Witchwardens are the largest Wizard's Guild in the city of Sasserine.

Originally founded 600 years ago as a religious group dedicated to Nerydia, the goddess of magic, this guild has become much more secular over the years.

Based in the Noble District, the Witchwarden Tower is the primary home of the guild. The 80-foot-tall tower houses numerous libraries, workshops, and meeting halls, all freely available to members, provided that they share their findings and knowledge with the guild. The Witchwardens prefer to keep an air of secrecy about them, requiring visitors to the tower to first make an appointment and restricting their access to the well-appointed meeting rooms on the first floor.

The first goal of the Witchwardens is the pursuit of arcane magic and members spend a great deal of their time researching new spells and recovering lost lore. The guild is also charged with the defense of the city against any magical threat.

The current guildmaster, Lux Seoni takes his responsibilities very seriously; he constantly pushing guild members to strike out in new directions with passionate lectures and rallying them to the defense of the city in times of need. His favorite acolyte is a beutiful noble scion named Trystani.