The Woodsmen are famous, highly skilled archers and hunters from the Rynnish Freehold of Archer’s Vale, whose expert skills as rangers and archers is legendary.

The Woodsmen patrol the great woodlands of Archerwood, Bramblethorn Forest, and the Shambling Wood, as well as the regions of Braven’s Moor and the Moss Hills.

In addition to their patrols in the wild, ungoverned regions of the Borderlands, the Woodsmen have also sworn to protect the innocent folk of the West from invaders from the East. Any orc or brigand that preys upon the travelers and farmers of this region has reason to fear these master rangers and bowmen.

The Woodsmen garrison the fortress of Archer’s Keep in the Borderlands, and use it as a base of operations. Before joining the Order of the Woodsmen, every member must swear an oath of loyalty to the Kingdom of Alveron. Historically, many of these famed bowmen have gone on to join the Grey Watchers.

Today, the Woodsmen are led by Baroness Lorynna Hanrafë.