Worgs are fierce, magical beasts that resemble wolves, but are larger, intelligent, and have an evil disposition. Worgs often work closely with both Goblins and Hobgoblins.


Worgs resemble a typical wolf; although much larger and bearing an intelligent, wicked gleam in their eyes. They have gray or black fur, and on average stand 3 feet high and 5 feet long; weighing around 300 pounds.


Despite their higher intelligence and evil traits, worgs tend to act, for the most part, like regular wolves. They often hunt in packs, but sometimes hunt alone. Lone worgs tend to hunt creatures smaller than themselves, while mated pairs and packs hunt larger game. They prefer large, herbivorous animals, usually the young, sick, or weak, but are not afraid to take on humans, especially when other prey is scarce.


In battle, worgs usually employ pack- tactics. They will stalk humanoid prey for a number of hours or even days, choosing the best of time of day and terrain for the attack. Worgs will employ hit-and-run tactics to exhaust a victim, until finally the whole pack goes in for the kill. If they outnumber a victim or are especially impatient, worgs might try to corner the prey, then attack.

Worgs always attack with their teeth. Like a wolf, they can bite their prey and then try to bear them down to the ground. Worgs, like ordinary wolves, also have the benefit of stealth, keen senses, and the keen ability to scent prey. Worgs also have excellent night-vision and prefer to hunt nocturnally.