Wyn Falas

(population: 58,000) Wyn Falas; which means "Western Landing" in elvish, is the capital of Iskandar, and its largest city.

The oldest city on Corwyn, Wyn Falas is located along the Lost Coast of Westvale Island.

Long ago, this city was part of the ancient elvish civilization of Ectharë, but for many centuries, has been populated by the Iskari.

The city is large and beautiful, with ancient elvish architecture gracing nearly every street in the "Old City" District.

Tall towers, graceful arches, lush parks and flowing fountains adorn much of the city, giving a constant reminder of its ancient elven heritage

Overlooking the city is the massive fortress of Castle Osprey; which has long served Iskandar's Royal family and is home to the famed Onyx Throne.

Since Wyn Falas is a world-famous seaport, most visitors arrive not by land, but via the city's grand harbor. At any given time, as many as 500 merchant ships can be found moored to one of its many stone quays.

Ships visit Wyn Falas from many ports, including: Akros, Elsareth, Freeport, Greymeet, Herronford, Kingsport, Lhazar, Natharos, Pike's Ferry, Syrene, Tharnia, and Tymor.

On land, Wyn Falas is accessible via three main roads; the Kingsway, which runs east to Castle Arden, the Lost Coast Road; which runs north to Herronford, and the Tharnia Road; which runs northeast to Tharnia.

Prominent Local Figures

Wyn Falas is currently governed by Duke Idarius Robard. Other prominent citizens include: Lord Irenicus Ironbriar; the City Magistrate, and Erris Ptolmarrry; the Royal Notary.


Local History

Back in the early years of the First Age, Wyn Falas was founded by the Silvar-Elves, who arrived by ship from the far-away continent of Eryn Norvë. That is how the city got its name, which in elvish means "Western Landing."

Eventually the Elder-Elves established a civilization called "Ectharë," and Wyn Falas became an important elvish port, serving the trade routes between Corwyn and the Isle of Greymeet.

After the terrible War of Wrath ended, the race of elves split into three distinct groups, in an event called the "Sundering."

One of these groups became known as the "Grey-Elves, and Wyn Falas became the capital of their new realm, which was called "Wyntharë." The Grey-Elves took Wyn Falas as their capital, and their leader; Queen Ariel Alessarë, ruled from the city palace.

In the year 884/3, Wyn Falas was devastated by a terrible earthquake called the "Great Rift." The catastrophe killed or maimed most of the Grey-Elf population, and the survivors were scattered, bitter, and despondent.

Around the year 1000/3, The surviving Grey-Elves abandoned the city and its ruins sat abandoned for over fifty years.

Around the year 1055/3, the first Iskari human colonists from Ikharos arrived, led by Ilnavel Cyrenäe.

King Ilnavel ordered the shattered city rebuilt, then made it the capital of his fledgling kingdom: "Iskandar."

City Districts

Vicars' District
Citadel District
Gilded District
Jasmine District
Old City District
Regent's District
Temple District
Yeoman's District