Wyn Falas

‘Western Landing’ (Svt) (population: 58,000) capitol and largest city of the kingdom of Cyrendar, located on the Lost Coast of the Westvale. The first and oldest city on Corwyn, Wyn Falas was originally an elvish civilization, but has been populated and controlled by Iskari humans for many centuries. Wyn Falas was founded by the Silvar-Elves of Ectharë and later became the citadel of the Grey-Elves of Wyntharë. After those elves sailed off Corwyn for Eryn Norvë around 1055/3, Iskari human colonists and exiles from the Iskari Empire of Iskandar began to settle here, and the city became the capitol of the Iskari kingdom of Cyrendar in the Fourth Age.

The city is large and beautiful, with ancient elvish architecture gracing every street. Tall towers, graceful arches and magical fountains adorn most of the city. Wyn Falas is accessible as a seaport and via both the Kingsway, which runs east to Castle Arden, the Lost Coast Road; which runs north to Krylnath, and the Tharnia Road; which runs northeast to Tharnia. Overlooking the city is the magnificent castle of Erôn-Wyntharë; which serves the Royal family of Cyrendar and is home to the Onyx Throne.

Wyn Falas is also a world-famous seaport, serving hundreds of merchant vessels from the cities of: Alarë, Elsareth, Freeport, Greymeet, Kingsport, Krylnath, Lhazar, Natharos, Pike's Ferry, Syrene, Tharnia, and Tymor

Wyn Falas is currently governed by Duke Ilgethar Robard.