Wyn Myr

The Wyn Myr; meaning "Western Sea" in elvish, is the great western sea on the world of Oris. Most sailors and sea-farers call it either the ‘Sea of Song,' or the 'the Dawn Sea.’

The Wyn Myr, the largest of Corwyn’s oceans, is slightly colder than other seas, and remains cool throughout the year. The Wyn Myr is usually overcast with clouds and its waters normally have a somber grey appearance. Storms are not uncommon, and can be very dangerous to travelers when they arise. Historically, this ocean was a barrier to the continent of Corwyn. It is across this ocean that the elves migrated from Eryn Norvë in the First Age, and before that event the lands were undiscovered. The Wyn Myr has only half as many island chains as the Vhan Myr, but there are still hundreds of small communities deep within the deep recesses of this western ocean. The largest and most well-known of the island realms in the Wyn Myr is Greymeet, located half-way between the continents of Eryn Norvë and Corwyn. Greymeet was historically a midway stopover for elvish ships passing between the two continents. Across the Wyn Myr, south of Eryn Norvë, is the Continent of Iskandar, the original home of the Iskari people.


The southern regions of the vast Wyn Myr are colloquially known as the "Shining Sea." The southern reaches of the ocean are far warmer and tropical than the northern regions of the Wyn Myr. The Shining Sea contains the Isle of Dread, the Pirate Islands, the Great Sargasso (the Graveyard of Ships), the Mist Kingdom, the Olman Islands, and the Firestorm Islands.


Despite the fact that much of the Wyn Myr is magically restricted to the Elves, there is still enormous sea-trade on these waters.

The largest and most important seaports on the Wyn Myr are: Khorvis, Krylnath, Rys Thalor, Scaramon, Silvershade, and Wyn Falas. The largest and most important seaports on the Shining Sea are: Freeport, Sasserine, Shard, Stonehaven, Syrene, Tar Vielca, and Vanzali.