Lost Realm of Wyntharë

Wyntharë; which means "‘Home in the West" in the Silvanestri tongue, was one of three elven nations formed after the Sundering.

When the great elvish nation of Ectharë collapsed at the end of the Second Age, it broke into three smaller and distinct Elf-realms. This event was called the "Sundering." Of the three new elven nations, Wyntharë was located the furthest west.

The elves of Wyntharë became known as the "Grey-Elves," and were the most powerful of the three groups, as well as the most reclusive.

The Grey-Elves' mastery of magic knew almost no bounds, and some say it surpassed even the greatest of talents of the Saar and the Council of Sorcerë. These western elves eventually evolved into the Elf race known today as the Grey-Elves, or ‘Grafyr,’ of Corwyn.

The Grey-Elves were tall and lithe, with pale white skin, silver or golden hair, and bright eyes of amber gold, pale grey, or even a deep violet purple. These elves were the most reclusive and exotic of the Silvar, and seemed to find no joy in even the smallest contact with other races, and had such meetings only rarely.

The Grey-Elves who founded the nation of Wyntharë were led by a beautiful Queen named Ariel Alessarë, who had been a powerful mage in Ectharë. They made their capital in a small, ancient city of Starfall, located deep within the Vesarivon Forest. In that city, the Grey-Elves built the magnificent Silverleaf Palace, and within it was placed the famous Veiled Throne.

Devastation From The Great Rift

In the year 884 of the Third Age, the nation of Wyntharë was devastated by a catastrophic earthquake called the "Great Rift." This catastrophe completely devastated the society of the Grey-Elves and reduced their cities of Alarë and Wyn Falas to rubble.

Worse, the elven city of Selunë was completely consumed by the Sea of Ralas. Queen Ariel was killed when the city was destroyed around her, and the three Silvarils of the Grey-Elves were consumed by the rushing waters.

After this catastrophic event; Prince Ajathar became bitter and morose, and began to yearn to return to his ancestral homeland of Eryn Norvë. Around the Year 1000 of the Third Age, he left Corwyn forever, and was joined by many of the surviving Grey-Elves.

A few Grey-Elves decided to remain on Corwyn, and chose not to return to Eryn Norvë. Those elves sailed to Vesarivon Isle and formed an enclave around the ancient, ruined city of Starfall. The elves who remained called their new home "Antharë" and are today ruled by the House of Elejar.

Within less than five-hundred years, the entire region known today as Westvale Island was abandoned by the Grey-Elves, leaving their once-beautiful city of Wyn Falas empty and abandoned.

In the early years of the Fourth Age, the ruined city of Wyn Falas and the lands surrounding it became inhabited by humans called the Iskari, who had sailed to Corwyn from Ikharos to escape the "Doom." These rugged pioneers founded the Kingdom of Iskandar

Of all the ancient lost civilizations which once existed on Corwyn, Wyntharë remains the most mysterious and exotic. The sigil of Wyntharë was a silver ship, surrounded by a ring nine silver stars, on a pale lavender field.