Xantheras Dynasty

The Xantheras Dynasty was the line of rulers descended from King Balthizar; who assumed the Golden Throne of Orel in 371/5 after the death of King Royce Alesard during the Battle of Ekkryn Sound.

The House of Xantheras ruled Orel for 750 years and a total of twenty-nine monarchs ruled from Castle Arianna. The Dynasty ended in 491/6 when King Agathar II was slain in the Battle of Shult and was succeeded by King Byron Zheren.

The twenty-nine Xantheras monarchs of Orel are listed below:

Balthizar 371-396/5
Rygar 396-427/5
Agathar 427-446/5
Beren 446-479/5
Robar 479-501/5
Royce 501-536/5
Rygar II 536-559/5
Brion 559-580/5
Rygar III 580-604/5
Balthizar II 604-630/5,1-11/6
Ragnar 11-29/6
Alexian 29-66/6
Brion II 66-92/6
Byron 92-111/6
Myala 111-147/6
Ragnar II 147-167/6
Robar II 167-193/6
Royce II 193-226/6
Balthizar III 226-250/6
Balthizar IV 250-285/6
Rygar IV 285-322/6
Royce III 322-338/6
Argilan 338-370/6
Rygar III 370-384/6 โ€ 
Azalin 381-412/6 โ€ 
Alathar 422-437/6 โ€ 
Royce IV 437-469/6
Argilan II 469-487/6
Agathar II 487-491/6 โ€