Lost Xholar Empire

Once a thriving civilization of East Corwyn, but now only a faded memory. In 731/4, the first Hakeen settlers landed on the shores of the Vhan Myr from their island strongholds, and founded the city of Zhin. From there over the next three centuries, they expanded west through much of eastern Corwyn, and south into the northern regions of the Kratheri Peninsula. The Hakeen eventually founded two more great cities; Ashkavan, which became the capitol of their empire, and the city of Nystal. Over the centuries, Ashkavan was home to many Sultans of Xholar, a title for the fabulously wealthy and powerful Hakeen rulers of this once great eastern civilization. The Sultans of Xholar also built the beautiful mountain city of Nystal, which was located in a high pass in the Torak Mountains. For over 800 years the Xholar Empire prospered. All was well until 311/5 when Zhang the Terrible united the Üthrari barbarians and began his drive eastward into Hakeen territory. Over the next 150 years, the Üthrari raged relentless warfare against the Hakeen, and the Xholar Empire slowly crumbled. In 427/5, the city of Ashkavan was captured and destroyed, and the Hakeen civilization collapsed. Only the far eastern segment of the former empire held together, and eventually came under the domination of the City-State of Zhin.

The official date of the founding the Xholar Empire is 903/4; the year the city of Ashkavan was founded. The empire finally collapsed with the destruction of that city in 427/5. The Xholar Empire lasted 821 years. Its coat of arms was a silver dragonfly on a pale green field. The Xholar Empire encompassed what are today the realms of Üthrar, the Vakara Grasslands, and the northern region of the Kratheri Peninsula. There is currently little physical evidence of their civilization, other than the ruins of their two greatest cities, dozens of other smaller settlements, and scattered temples and other structures throughout the Far East.