Xion the Mad

Emperor Xion Kharata III; commonly known as "Xion the Mad," was the last ruler of the Eloysian Empire, who reigned on the Jade Throne between the years AR 2018 and AR 2079.

Unfortunately for his imperial subjects, Xion was completely insane, with a well-deserved reputation for paranoia, cruelty, and sadism never before seen on the Continent of Azoria.

Xion became Emperor at the tender age eleven when his father choked to death on a piece of fruit. His 61-year rule of the Eloysian Empire witnessed a series of bizarre events, political disasters, and finally, utter chaos.

In one of his more famous bizarre and cruel decisions, he ordered all 600 of his senior Myrmidon officers executed because he believed that they were plotting against him.

But these Myrmidons were invaluable military officers, and their loss meant that the Imperial armies were left without competent leadership.

Then, the real enemies of the Empire began waging wars and winning tremendous victories because of this foolish decision.

Emperor Xion also foolishly removed almost all of his loyal Hamanids; his most valuable senior administrative officials. Most were either executed or forced into exile. But the survivors then began to plot against the Emperor.

Soon, the exiled Hamanids were organizing dozens of revolts against the Empire.

The final, and most successful of these revolts, resulted in the death of the Emperor.

Xion was murdered at the hands of his "trusted" inner circle of advisors; who surrounded him and stabbed him to death.

Eloysian legend has it that while their daggers fell during the act of murder, the seven conspirators chanted: "for the realm!, for the realm!, for the realm!"

By the time of his murder at age 72, the Emperor had completely destroyed the Empire, had hundreds of thousands murdered, and ordered whole regions burned to ash.


Xion the Mad is given much credit for destroying in 60 years what it took over 2,000 to build. After his suicide in AR 2079, the Eloysian Empire completely collapsed, breaking into dozens of competing factions and enclaves.

Within weeks of his death, the capital of Sanjakar burned and was completely abandoned. The city was never rebuilt.

In the centuries after the collapse of the Eloysian Empire, there were a series of conflicts that devastated the continent. These were the four Hamanid Wars, later followed by the seven Jade Wars.