Capital: Ko-Dan (population: 124,000)
Population: 4,775,000 (97% Daroon, 3% other ethnicities)
Government: Monarchy
Current Leader: Shogun Kenzo Hasanabe
Coat of Arms: a black five-petaled flower on an orange field
Exports: pearls, silk, seashells, textiles, crafts, artwork

Located only a few miles off the Jade Coast, this enormous island nation is home to the largest Daroon civilization on the Vhan Myr Ocean.

The realm of Yamada has been ruled by the same royal family for hundreds of years. Over its history, Yamada has warred with its mainland neighbors on several occasions, but has never been conquered.

The Yamadan culture is eastern, but separate and distinct from that of Kurand, even though the peoples of the two countries are of the same racial stock. Yamadans are slim of build and wear silk trappings that denote their class and station within society.

They build great ships and create wonderful artwork and crafts which their merchant fleet sells across the known world. A second Yamadan city on the island is called Vachukuo. It is also a great seaport but less accessible than the capitol city of Ko-Dan.


Yamada’s chief export is her rich pearl beds. The kingdom has the largest and richest pearl sea beds anywhere in the world. The Yamadan population is mainly farmers and fisherman, but there is an important merchant class that thrives on sea-trade.

There are few western visitors to this exotic land, other than merchant ship crews from western ports of call. Even these men are not allowed into the interior of the country, and little is known of the interior culture apart from the merchant traders most often dealt with in Yamadan seaports.

To protect herself, Yamada maintains a large navy of 60 warships, and a standing army of over 50,000 soldiers. In time of war, up to 250,000 conscripts can be called up for military service. Yamadan ships are identifiable by their hull shape, as all are junks.

Yamadan junks differ from Kurandian vessels in that they have shiny black lacquered hulls, and carry bright orange triangular silk sails, emblazoned with a great black flower.

Local History

Yamada has a long, rich history; mostly distinct from mainland Corwyn. Long ago, this island nation was almost invaded and conquered by the Eloysian Empire; but was saved by the Divine Winds. The people of Yamada strongly believe their island is protected by a giant sea-monster named Kazumodo; who will sink any ship carrying invaders and controls the Divine Winds.

Within the last 300 years, the ancient and powerful Minatoro Shogunate was overthrown, which led to a dark period of civil war and internal strife. the House of Hasanabe wrested control and their shogunate has ruled the nation ever since.


The people of Yamada worship one of four deities: