Za'har is one of the five continents of Oris; located far to the east of Azoria across the vast Vhan Myr. It contains the most strange and exotic lands anywhere in the known world.

For thousands of years, Za'har was virtually unknown to most men except for the races of Deskari, Kratheri, and Hakeen. That all changed forever, when the Eloysian Empire began sending expeditions across the Vhan Myr centuries ago and exploring this great continent.

Once the Eloysians arrived, they conquered Khalifar; the largest city on the western coast of the Isle of Sharavan. This city then became the gateway to vast riches from exotic goods, gems, metals, and magical items that were found on Za'har, brought back to the city and then sold for enormous profits.

The interior of the continent is lush jungle and tropics around the edges, but a great vast volcanic desert and wastelands in its central regions. Legends of great beasts such as gargantua, dinosaurs, Tarrasque, and other leviathans roaming the great open center of Za'har are common, if unproven.


  • Devri: small independent city-state on Za'har.
  • Ghanesh: small independent city-state on Za'har.
  • Ishvara: largest city on the continent of Za'har.
  • Khalifar: large independent City-State, known as the "City of Adventure," located on Isle of Sharavan.
  • Shastra: large city-state on Za'har.

Lost Cities

Geographic Regions

  • Asura Valley: (Valley of the Beasts) A large secluded valley occupied by gargantuan beasts and terrible creatures.
  • the Blight: A large region of unholy, blasted lands in the center of the Continent. Once the location of the lost Deskari people of Khorovia; this region has succumbed to evil forces from the Abyss, and hosts of demons and other terrible creatures freely roam here. The Deskari were a demon-worshiping civilization destroyed thousands of years ago. Khorov, their only known city lies in ruins now, infested with demonic folk. The Deskari once slaughtered or drove out most of the native Hakeen, Olman and Kratheri peoples from Za'har, and paid the price for doing so.
  • Chandraka Forest: Large woodland located in southern Za'har
  • Desert of Dust: Huge desert on Za'har
  • Forest of Xholar: Large woodland located in northern Za'har
  • Ishvara Plateau: Geographical region on Za'har, located near the city of Ishvara
  • Plains of Arazni: Vast plain in western Za'har
  • the Rift: A great chasm in the center of the ruins of Khorov; the source of the Blight
  • Shastra Grasslands: Vast plains region located in southern Za'har
  • Shattered Hills: Isolated mountain range in northern Za'har
  • Sienna Hills: Large isolated mountain range, located in southern Za'har
  • Vorskan Plateau: A hostile geographic region of Za'har; home of the Vorskan Marauders

Mountain Ranges


  • Chokra River
  • Dharvi River
  • Eraxos River
  • Khali River
  • Makeda River
  • Na'haris River
  • Sheba River: largest river on the Continent of Za'har, located west of the Shastra Grasslands

Bodies of Water

  • Cyan Sea
  • Lake Vorskan: large body of water located south of the Isle of Sharavan
  • The Pelagia: largest inland body of water on Za'har.
  • Restless Sea: lbody of water located etween Za'har and Sharavan.


The Riftwars: A series of battles between the Knights of the Triskelion; crusader armies based in Khalifar and the hordes of demonic beasts exiting from the Blight.

Many of the most skilled adventurers have sailed for the city of Khalifar to embark on "quests to the center," as they are called, for no other place in the world have such challenges, riches, or dangers.