Zebulon Meravanchi

Zebulon Meravanchi is the wealthiest man in Sasserine, and the Patriarch of House Meravanchi.

Lord Zebulon has a well-earned reputation as a shrewd and merciless businessman. He is also infamous for his scandalous social life.

His frequent parties, thrown at his lavish estate in the Noble District, are legendary throughout Sasserine society. Those invited are sworn to total secrecy about things they see or do, while in attendance. Despite the secrecy, tales are still whispered of outrageous debauchery.

In his business dealings, Zebulon is considered quite a dangerous adversary. He clearly deserves his reputation as the most savvy and cunning businessman in the city.

Zebulon's eldest son; Avner, has a distasteful reputation around Sasserine as a lecherous cad, who lives only for his father's lavish parties and his own sexual conquests. Unlike his father, Avner is foppish and does not have the icy intellect of his father.

Several years ago, Zebulon invested with the House of Vanderboren to finance an expedition to the Isle of Dread. He sent his capable, younger brother Mathalay to help organize the new colony of Farshore, and to promote the family's interests there.