Zebulon Meravanchi

Patron of the noble House of Meravanchi in Sasserine, Lord Zebulon has a well-earned reputation about the city for being a shrewd and merciless businessman who is not to be taken lightly.

The lavish parties thrown at Meravanchi Manor By Lord Zebulon, are legendary throughout Sasserine society; with those invited being sworn to total secrecy about things they see (or do) while in attendance.

It is rumored that Zebulon has some form of fey bound to either his home or himself, although no one is sure if these are simply stories, or if they hint at some truth. He remains; as ever, inscrutable, thoughtful, and is considered quite a dangerous adversary.

Zebulon's eldest son; Avner, has a nasty reputation around Sasserine as a lecherous cad, who lives only for his father's lavish parties and his own sexual conquests.

Seven years ago, Zebulon invested with the Vanderboren family on an expedition to the Isle of Dread; once there, he helped organize the new trading colony of Farshore. Soon after his return, he sent his capable, younger brother Mathalay to Farshore to protect his family's interests there.